Delicious Brisket Recipe

This delicious brisket recipe works perfectly for Pesach (Passover), but could be a great main course or side dish any time of year.

Matzah Chilaquiles Recipe

Here is a delicious twist on traditional matzah brei (matzoh brei) and traditional Spanish chilaquiles. It may even be an improvement over corn tortillas.

Chicken Supremes with Tapenade and Mushroom Sauce

This delicious recipe comes courtesy of Manischewitz and Jacques Pepin.

Chicken Bouillabaisse Recipe

This recipe, made with chicken thighs (instead of fish), kielbasa sausage, and potatoes, gets its inspiration from the original and contains all its classic seasonings, including saffron, made from the pistils of crocus flowers.

Bayou Borscht Recipe

This recipe is a variation on the traditional Jewish hot beef and vegetable borscht. It has been enhanced by the addition of seasonings that are more typical of Creole cooking. It would be hard to imagine two cultures which are farther apart than these. Yet, the result is a much more exciting version of an old standard.

Brisket with Portobello Mushrooms Recipe

Adapted from a brisket recipe by Marlene Sorosky Gray, a Danville cookbook author and authority on Jewish holiday cooking. Brisket is much easier to slice when cold, so plan to make this at least one day ahead.

Pesto Potato Latkes Recipe

Here’s a quick and easy potato latkes recipe that you’ve probably never considered before.

Sweet Potato Latkes Recipe

This delicious potato latkes recipe was adapted from the Food Network Kitchens.

Roti Recipe

A Roti is a type of pancake filled with curry, or used as bread to mop up all the curry juices. It is similar to a tortilla but more flavorful. Roti may be used as a wrapper for lamb or vegetarian curries to make a South African version of the burrito.

Peri-Peri Chicken Recipe

This chicken dish is very popular in South Africa. There are many fast food restaurants that specialize in peri peri chicken. If you’ve never tried this famous marinated chicken, get ready for a flavor sensation.