Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting & the Rhetoric of Intolerance

There are no words sufficient to describe the sense of shock, bewilderment and sorrow that is being felt by Jews throughout the world in the wake of the horrifying mass murder at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. That it took place at all is tragic in and of itself. For this to have […]

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Hurricane Harvey Flooding

“There, but for the Grace of God…” Really?

This sermon was delivered on Rosh Hashana,  at Temple Beth El in Bradenton, Florida What an incredible season this is. It never seems to end, with disaster after disaster. What is going on? Hurricane Ian.  Parts of Southwest Florida lie devastated. Many have lost their homes.Some lost their lives. Life may never be the same. […]

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Delete/Trash button on an iPhone

We should all ‘Delete’ more and ‘Send’ less

One of the most essential features on our computers and phones is the Delete button. It used to be that when we received a letter or request, it would arrive by mail. Then, if we wished to respond, we might take a little time before doing so. Now, with email travelling through cyberspace in a […]

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Bar Mitzvah

Why the Bar Mitzvah is broken, and how to fix it

A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is a prominent element of contemporary Jewish practice, with the level of celebration seemingly without limit or restraint. However, this essay is not about Bar and Bat Mitzvah excess. Much has already been written on this subject. Sufficed to say that ostentatious celebrations are in bad taste and present […]

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