Baby Naming & Brises

With his strong commitment to interfaith and intercultural marriages, Rabbi Sternfield conducts personalized baby naming ceremonies primarily in private homes. He is well aware that many babies have parents of different faiths, and he consults with the new parents to make the ceremony as inclusive and respectful as possible. He feels that, as a new baby is to be welcomed into the world and into the family, both sides of the family should feel equally included. This is especially true for grandparents.

“Bloodless Brises” (Brit Milah)

For many interfaith couples, the prospect of a traditional bris (circumcision ceremony) is uncomfortable and a likely source of disagreement.

cropped-star-square.jpgAlthough the bris is an ancient and time-honored Jewish practice, which includes the actual circumcision, this ceremony can be off-putting and difficult for the non-Jewish parent and his/her family. If that is your concern, then consider a “bloodless” bris with Rabbi Michael Sternfield.

He suggests that the actual circumcision be done privately by a physician, usually in the doctor’s office, with the ceremony to held afterward in the presence of family and friends. He is open to inviting non-Jewish clergy to offer prayers from their faith.

For baby naming and brises, contact Rabbi Sternfield by phone at 312-320-5538 or email here.